Libra Daily Horoscope |


A deep connection with your inner beauty will help you throughout the day, Libra. Your advice, more than words, will be a blessing. You have so much to give!

You’ll act selflessly. Everything you do will not only benefit you, but also people around you.

You’ll bond with women more than ever. You’ll be very creative and your open mind will lead you to carry out new projects with your sisters or your female friends.

It’s a perfect day to get in touch with your mother or other female family members. If you’re a man, they’ll give you great solutions to your problems without making you feel bad about yourself.

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What’s wrong with wishing to be seen and recognized? Your most authentic inner-self is about to express its energy. You’ll give rein to the desires of your heart.

There’s something in you that is perfectly wild and savage. This is the light you must shine. Can’t you hear your inner-self roaring? Can’t you feel the fire inside you?

If you feel that you still aren’t ready to forge your own path, the universe will give you that last big push. Don’t resist it and go with the flow.

If you have depended on someone else financially, it’s about to change. Soon you’ll be economically independent, Libra.


If you’re a woman and you’re pregnant, morning sickness can be very annoying. It’s definitely not the best way to start you day.

In these cases in order to avoid harmful medication, try acupressure. It is an effective technique to relieve the symptoms. With palm facing you and fingers pointing up, find the acupressure point on the wrist. Press the points with your fingers to stimulate the flow of energy.

Acupressure doesn’t have any adverse effects. Consult a specialist in your area, they are not difficult to find and are very accessible, even if it may be hard to believe.