Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You’ll enter a phase which will help you set yourself free and deepen your connections with people around you. It’s a good moment to make your social life more dynamic and meet new people; but above all, to strengthen your ties with your acquaintances.

When it comes to love, your main task will be recovering your honesty and sincerity.  Acknowledge your mistakes and stop hiding under the circumstances. It’s the quickest way to reconciliation. The same goes for single Libras: leave victimhood behind and take action.

On the other hand, the stars foresee a return of a very important person in your life. Take advantage of the lost time and enjoy your reconnection.

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Some people want to harm you regarding your finances. This adds up to your recession and clearly mark the new planetary cycle. As you wait for the storm to pass, you have to fight more actively against antagonistic elements.

Passivity won't help you get out of the well, and it can plunge you into an even more depressive state. On the contrary, recovering energy and momentum to overcome complicated situations will accelerate recovery. Money is important, but the lesson you will learn even more.

This Friday the stars will lead you to a rewarding work experience which you can learn a lot from.  All you have to do is open all your senses and have a cooperative attitude.


Raising your head and asking the stars for help when you feel anguished or in pain may help you a lot. Today the energies are on your side to speed up recovery or lessen your pain.

However, you have to be humble and get rid of your fears in order to connect with the existing invisible energies. It’s time to open up to esoteric knowledge and ask for magic help to overcome your ailments.

You need to add more elements to your diet. From now on, start a new routine and eat more vegetables and fish.