Libra Daily Horoscope |



You are going through a rough patch, or you are about to set foot in uncertain times... The fact is that in the field of love, everything will continue to go smoothly. Your partner is an understanding person who will support you in all of your endeavours.

The stars have aligned to warn you that you might be taking much more from your partner than what he receives from you. No one insists on a relationship being one hundred percent reciprocal but it doesn´t hurt to be more aware of your partner´s efforts.

Pay attention to details,love is powered by actions of kindness, not empty words. Romantic expressions accompany well your acts of love, but should never be used alone.

Single Libras should remember that their actions are not incompatible with love… Because it is true that without a partner by your side your happiness will not be complete. Avoid rushing into things and abrupt decisions.

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You will have a positive attitude towards the money that you´ve spent because it´s for a good cause. A while ago you learned that great memories can be made with the help of money but without giving it too much importance.

For the time being, set aside any financial disagreementsyou may have had throughout the year. If you really care about that person they will be infinitely grateful for your efforts to reconcile your differences and will be much more cooperative over the next days.

Taking part in a contest or a draw will bring you luck. Don't rule out collaborating with associations that offer tickets and raffles, but in moderation, Libra.


You will feel weak at the beginning of the day, but more for psychological reasons than for real body problems, which is good news! You can change the way you feel, if you stop thinking about everything you have to do from the moment you wake up. And that is really discouraging.

Instead, give yourself a little break in the morning. Let it be once you´ve had a quiet breakfast that you tackle your busy schedule.

As you move forward through everything you've set out to do, you'll feel much better. Don't forget to prepare a healthy meal, which your body asks for. Why not look for an exotic recipe on the Internet? The result may turn out to be interesting.