Libra Daily Horoscope |


Today you’ll have bittersweet feelings in your heart, Libra. Although no one could ever accuse you of being manipulative, you tend to have it your own way by demanding what you want loud and clear and waiting for your wishes to come true no matter what.

And if making others feel guilty helps you achieve your goals, you’ll surely do that. You never take no for an answer. But if you analyze the situation well, you don't need to go to extremes; your natural charm is all it takes to make your lover melt.

Direct this volcanic energy towards seduction in and out of bed, Libra. Dress up and surrender to passion. Make this encounter difficult to forget!

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Although at first you thought you weren’t going to finish your tasks on time, elegancy and creativity helped you accomplish your goals. Mercury has helped you sharpen your ingenuity because it’s in a great astral location for Libras.

You’ll be able to solve any problems without blinking. Others will be impressed by your ingenuity and swiftness to find the right words.

If you have to present your ideas to the rest of the company, there’s no better day than today. Tasks and conferences where you have to address a large audience will be a success.

The only negative aspect today is that the tricksters may try to collar you and make promises they have no intention of keeping. Listen carefully and analyze the situation before you decide to invest your money.


Today's planetary aspects will give you the security you need for things to be done but you may still not feel at peace with the way you look, which inevitably takes away a part of your happiness.

Focus on your feelings, the goals you’d like to achieve today instead of letting ghosts of the past and bad memories about someone make you feel less sexy. You’re not that person anymore!

You love yourself and take care of yourself simply because it makes you feel good and brings positive energy into your life. You don’t have to be a supermodel to feel gorgeous. Be happy with who you are and you’ll see how you’ll attract others with the positive vision you have of yourself.