Libra Daily Horoscope for June 30

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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You’ll spend the day pondering over your relationship. You feel that your partner is not committed enough, that he/she acts out of inertia and doesn’t value you enough. Try to find out if this feeling is real, or it’s a consequence of your insecurity.

On the other hand, if you’re single, there’s someone by your side you could start a love story with. It all depends on your ability to know if this person is the right one for you. Your mind won’t help you with this, Libra. Only your heart can tell.

Your family and friends will continue being your refuge. Spend time with them and share your concerns and worries regarding your relationship. They’ll be able to help you with their wise advice.

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When it comes to your economy, you’re getting back on track and now you can start managing your income in the way that wouldn’t lead you to a rough patch that you’ve been through these days. It’s time to start a new phase that would make up for your losses.

Regarding your job, you’ve already seen that no matter how hard you try, if others don’t want to notice your achievements, they won’t. This has led you to act more quietly, but more steadily.

If you are self-employed, today you’ll receive a significant inflow of money from an important client. This will give you a break that will help you reactivate your economy.


You’ll be in a good health all day except for some migraine symptoms that will subside in no time. You shouldn’t stay at home. You’d better go out and spend time in the fresh air with people you trust.

Try to express your feelings and talk about them instead of keeping them bottled up. This will make you feel more relaxed and clear your mind. Talking is a good therapy. Listening to yourself will make you become more conscious of your feelings.

You should take up an oriental practice. If you like martial arts, they’ll help you develop greater confidence in yourself as well as get in touch with meditation and control of emotions.