Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This Saturday astral influences will help Libras find ways to recover relationships that are not at their best. The planets will give you the virtue of forgiveness, something that you will no longer see as a humiliation but as a noble merit.

Instead of resisting changes, you have to adapt to them. Accept new relationships, new ways of acting and thinking. Never abandon your principles or submit to the tyrannical will of others. However, don't insist on sticking to your opinion no matter what, either.

In love, the past can be a nice lesson when starting a new relationship with other perspectives. You don't want to trip over the same stone twice, do you?


You’ll find a perfect way to have an unforgettable Saturday without spending a penny. This is your challenge today, Libra. If you fail, stay positive. If you spent a lot of money but had a good time, it was worth it. If you were very bored but this way saved some money, it’s great, too.

It’s important not to get obsessed. When you’re with friends or family, depending on the situation, you may give an impression of a stingy person. Try to relax a little, but don’t make a mistake of spending too much just because you’re ashamed to admit that you can’t afford certain things.

Be sensible, Libra. Finding balance is all that matters. It’s time to save up.


Lately you’ve been feeling better and you’ll have good sensations at the beginning of the day. However, towards the afternoon you’ll start feeling weakness and restlessness, accompanied by a possible headache and muscle pain.

It looks like you’re catching a cold or flu. The stars suggest that you take care of your throat since it’ll be especially vulnerable. Bearing all this in mind, look after yourself and reinforce preventive measures.

Herbs are a very effective remedy for getting rid of toxins. Rue, rosemary and sage can help you eliminate bad energies and fight viruses and bacteria.