Libra Daily Horoscope for August 31

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Libra, today you’ll have to assume your responsibilities. If you've committed to doing something, you’d better do it. Don’t make up silly excuses to justify your irresponsibility; it’ll only upset your partner.

The predictions aren’t the best for today. Luck won’t be on your side; therefore, don’t commit to things you know you won’t be able or eager to do. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the dead end. Choose your words well and measure your actions.

On the other hand, single Libras will be favored today. You’ll start a new period in your life which will lead you to connect with different people. You may have very passionate encounters and meet someone special if that’s what you really wish for.

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Today those born under the sign of Libra will have excellent opportunities to advance their financial perspectives. You’re endowed with an ability to lead your workers in a way that allows you to get optimal benefits from their performance. This will greatly improve your financial situation.

The stars also predict a very advantageous partnership with several talented people. These new associates will serve you well, not only in the aspects of the profession but also on a vital level.

In addition, your efforts will help others get all the benefits in advance. Earnings will accrue at fairly regular intervals, allowing you to make development plans for the future.


Your health should be very good today. Just remember not to make too much effort to avoid exhaustion. Otherwise, this could cause a snowball effect and things could go really wrong.

Libras today will be eager to do everything with everyone. Therefore, you should stop and take a break before you finish with your physical and mental force. Make your agenda work better and everything will be fine.

The stars suggest you retreat for a few days to the silence of nature to replenish your energies. A dip in the sea at sunset or a long walk in the mountains will do you lots of good.