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Libra Daily Horoscope for December 31

Your Horoscope for Monday
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You’ll find new ways to conquer the person you desire… That person, who resisted you for so long, could be about to fall into your trap, Libra.

Always treat people with kindness and affection, give them the best of you. Selfish relationships don’t go with you, but sometimes you like seeking comfort and benefit from others.

In any case, today the most important people will be those relatives that you haven’t seen for so long. The day will be full of love, laughter and happiness.

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Working today is not so bad after all. Let the nice work atmosphere help you get in a good mood.  

You can’t complain because the year closes favorably for you. That means that your wallet is well loaded with money. The forecast is that good economic situation will continue.

Take advantage of this day full of good intentions and wishes for a better future with a little ritual that will hardly take time, Libra.

Throw a coin in the air, thinking of everything you hope to achieve next year, and then put it in your bag or purse. Don’t forget to mark it so you never spend it.


You’ll feel very vital on the last day of the year. In addition, the energies of 2019 forecast a very good run in health, congratulations!

Keep an eye on the health of your back. Don't lift too much weight. There are certain things to do that require carrying things, but make sure that your health is not compromised by distributing the tasks well, and above all, don’t do more than you really can, Libra.

Remember not to go to bed angry. It’s quite improbable tonight but if you focus on your sad past, you’re likely to shed tears. Don’t let it happen.