Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


Current astral energy will turn your world upside down regarding your relationships. You’ll be surrounded by more controversy than usual even though you’ve done nothing to provoke conflicts!

The role of peacemaker will really suit you. Your contribution will be essential to solve couple conflicts and help your significant other (in case you have one) deal with his/her inner conflicts.

Single Libra, you’ve got all it takes to succeed! There are few people like you who know how to listen. Work on your attraction, it could be one of your weak spots right now. Make it come out naturally. The attraction can be physical, intellectual or sentimental. Whatever it is, it has to be huge.

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The last day of the month is perfect to reflect on everything you’ve achieved. You’ve worked really hard and your effort has paid off. Fantastic! You’ve stepped outside your comfort zone and made a change. It can be a small change but remember that small changes make a big difference.

If you feel that you still aren’t fulfilled, retrace your steps and try harder next month. It’s that simple.


You just have to change some unhealthy habits to enjoy a happy and healthy life. You’re on the right track, you just need to correct some small things, Libra.

Some simple changes such as improving your posture, varying your diet, boosting your intellect or taking care of your emotions will improve your general health.

Apart from leading a healthy lifestyle, prevention and early detection of illnesses are essential to stay healthy.

Vaccination is essential. In order to detect a disease before it strikes, you must have regular health check-ups like urological test for prostate cancer and gynecological tests for breast and cervix cancer.