Libra Daily Horoscope |


Today the planetary positions will favor everything that has to do with your feelings. Not only you’ll be feeling happy, but also you’ll bring joy to those around you.

Your sensitivity, sweetness and affectivity will be more intense than ever. The downside of today’s planetary influences will be your hypersensitivity to people’s words and actions.

You’ll easily make new friends today, who will definitely be eager to stay in your life. They won’t be bad people; quite the opposite, you’ll meet worthwhile friends.  

Don’t be misled by people’s appearance. You might become very good friends and benefit from someone who won’t attract your attention at first.  

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The planetary combination will help you be charming and attractive inside and out. You’ll be affectionate, sociable, refined and sensitive, and find it easy to adapt to any situation. Take advantage of such great qualities!

Stay away from jobs out of the public eye. You’ll earn a lot more money in positions where your presence is valued. Even if you are not strictly "beautiful" from the point of view of today's canons of beauty, you are irremediably captivating...

You may stimulate the love for beauty by favoring art, courtesy, kindness and good manners. If you dedicate yourself to the activities related to the kindest part of life, you’ll be very successful.

On the other hand, it may lead you to passivity in your daily life. Being too focused on your sentimental side, distances you from your daily sustenance.


Shocking and overwhelming situations remain in your body, affect its energy and may even cause energy blocks. If not resolved, they may lead to physical problems.

It’s time to take the bull by the horns and create a new lifestyle. Go on a diet, stretch your body and keep calm, Libra. It is necessary to make an effort to maintain good health; unfortunately, there are no miraculous cures.