Libra Magic Horoscope 5
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The horoscope for Libras this Friday brings better news than in the previous days. Today you’ll finally wake up from your emotional lethargy and be more than willing to enjoy love and tenderness that your loved ones offer you.

Libras in a relationship will surely enjoy a day full of connection and romanticism. There doesn't necessarily have to be great demonstrations of passion. You’ll feel the presence of love in your relationship more than ever.

Those Libras who are single will have to make an uncomfortable decision today. On the one hand, you like this person who has appeared in your life; but on the other hand, you’re not sure you’re ready for such a radical change.

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In terms of finances, today's prediction is quite positive. Your economy will continue stable; indeed, it’s likely that you’ll increase your income shortly.

When it comes to work, try to dialogue more today. You're usually a sociable person; however, today you’ll need all your negotiating skills if you want your colleagues to accept your proposals.

In general, Libra, today will be a positive day for everything related to money and your profession. In fact, unemployed Libras may land their dream job.  


Magic Horoscope’s prediction regarding health today is very favorable. Your ailments have improved noticeably, some have even disappeared. Therefore, today you’ll be in good health.

On an emotional level, those born under the sign of Libra will continue to feel quite well, too. Nothing will alter your nerves today; in fact, this tranquility may accompany you until the end of the week.

It’s a good moment to look at all your emotions from a different perspective. Tranquility and objectivity will help you understand everything that at some point has made you feel bad about yourself.