Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You have a feeling that time’s flying by. You can slow it down by taking a break from your obligations and dedicating more time to things that really matter, such as your relationship.

For example, today you could make the most of spending time with your partner and doing things together. Not only you’ll have a lot of fun, but also revive sensations you’ve lost and reconnect with each other. It’s high time you both talked about issues you’ve been avoiding and face them fearlessly.

If someone outside your relationship is trying to hurt you, you should ignore them. Revenge or feelings of anger or malice will affect the good intentions you have today.    

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At the end of the intense but rewarding week at work, this Friday you’ll discover that the union of your skills and thoughts with the abilities and ideas of others may result in incredible things that benefit you all.

These days teamwork will lead you to success. Therefore, you should participate more in work meetings. That means giving your best and taking advantage of the best of others, as well as being alert and rejecting selfish attitudes.

In this path of economic growth, today you’ll get another boost. If you’re selling something, your income will increase in an easy, quick and harmonious way.


Some of your old physical ailments will come back today. Luckily, you’ve learned to live with them and they won’t do you too much harm. However, it’s important you boost your immune system and prevent colds and flu the natural way. Lemon reinforces the immunological system.

On the other hand, you’ve improved many of your habits and thanks to it you feel more relaxed and calmer. Now that the weekend is coming, you can think of activities that will help your mind and spirit restore energy.