Libra Daily Horoscope |


The plans you made with your life partner may have taken shape since the end of July, so you’ll finally find peace with yourself and your life. You’ll learn to understand your partner better, so your relationship will have a positive twist. Jupiter will give it a deeper meaning.

On the other hand, single Libras will have greater chances of having a wedding or a long-term relationship this week, so you should take advantage of every opportunity to socialize, travel and enjoy the small pleasures of life. Your soulmate may find you first.

Passion and romance will be your main characteristics today. They’ll help you strengthen your relationship or successfully start a new one. Dysfunctional or inconsistent relationships will end leaving room for new ones with greater value and meaning.

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Professional relationships may cause you trouble and even terminate. Although unpleasant, relational stress may be the factor that will encourage you to find new solutions.

You’ll widen your work and career focus and you’ll have more practical sense and more competitive spirit than usual. You’ll have the possibility to achieve all your professional goals.

The Astros predict that today you’ll receive moderate amounts of money, nothing out of the ordinary. However, as the week goes by, you’ll be lucky and abundance will come to your life.


Today you’ll be tired and you’ll feel some discomfort. The criticism will lead to hypersensitivity. However, once you get through these uncomfortable moments and have some rest, you’ll feel much better and your health will improve.

You’ll have to revitalize your state of mind since many of your problems come from mental agitation. If you manage to leave behind unpleasant aspects of your work and life in general, all your somatic manifestations, especially the digestive ones, will cease.