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Your inner alarm will go off: You’ll have the feeling that your partner isn’t entirely clear with you and that he/she keeps secrets from you... But who doesn't?

It’s actually because your significant other loves you that he/she doesn’t tell you certain things. You must understand that one thing is trust and what your partner decides to share with you, and completely different your desire to dig into their soul against their will.  

As you well know, you’re the first to keep things for you, Libra. Give your partner time to open up to you.

With the passage of time and living together few things will remain unknown, so don’t despair to know everything. Deep inside you show your need to control, which is not healthy. Work on it, Libra.

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Having faith and hope in the chosen path and knowing how to see beyond reality are attitudes that you sometimes find difficult. You want immediate results and benefits, and the starts tell you the opposite, you have to work patiently towards your goals.  

Nothing really worthwhile can be built in a day. It's the same with your life: well-focused patience will help you achieve great things.

You’ll eventually achieve victory, you’ll work your way to the top in your successful career. But first things first, focus on what's in front of you and leave the fantasies for your free time.

Are you considering starting new studies? There won’t better time than now. The stars assure you that it’ll be the beginning of your new life.


When you eat too fast, digestion may be problematic. The digestive system doesn’t have enough time to create acids and juices needed to digest food. As a result, gas or other intestinal transit problems occur.

If this is done on a continuous basis, infections and allergies may appear or develop that cause an excess of flatulence. The Libra organism is prone to these conditions.

After the feasts of these days, it’s convenient to clean the colon and there is no better treatment than eating apples. Eat them for at least three days on a regular basis and in large quantities. You’ll soon notice the difference.