Libra Daily Horoscope |


You’ll do all it takes to avoid any tension or confrontation, and at the same time, you’ll do your best to please people around you.

You’ll be willing to become closer with your family. You’ll understand each other perfectly and everyone, especially your mother, will be loving and gentle.

You’ll enjoy your family’s company a lot today. You’ll find your home comfortable and cozy.

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Today you’ll fight nobly for your values and ideals. You never put up with injustices and today you’ll know how to defend the interests of the harmed, even if it involves a certain expense on your part.

Brave and of noble heart, you’ll fight with faith and enthusiasm for what you believe. You’ll reach victory, thanks to your optimistic and faithful character, and ability to persuade others.

You will take advantage of your leadership skills at work, and you’ll be able to perform a great task that will lead you to success. You’ll be very confident when facing most audacious companies and you’ll be lucky.

If you're unemployed, send out your CVs, it's definitely your day!


There’s nothing wrong with you, but you’re still convinced you’re not at your best.

Crystals can help you out. They may strengthen your spirit, reduce stress levels and even heal your wounds. Crystals are effective cure of chronic back pain and arthritis.

Every crystal has its own energy. How do you know which one to use? Well, you can use the crystal you are most attracted to. It’s the one you need to restore the energies you lack!

Wash it in cold water, clean it and place it in the sunlight for a couple of hours. Dedicate the crystal out loud saying what you need it for then close your eyes while you still hold it.