Libra Daily Horoscope for May 5

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You’re about to experience a big change in your love life. Your dreams that once seemed impossible will come true. However, remember that you must do your bit to help it happen, Libra.

If you stop blaming and victimizing yourself, things will soon change drastically. Miracles are possible as long as we stay open and vibrate high. Release all your negative emotions and let the change come to your life.

Today you must not force anything, just stay present as much as you can, observing how you feel and feeling how you’re transforming. It's time to change your old ways of thinking.

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It’s not a good moment to waste money on whims you can’t afford. Even if you feel like going shopping to release your inner tension, control yourself; you could make things even worse. Be sensible and prudent with your expenses.

Nor should you make drastic decisions regarding your profession. The tension you have experienced at work these days will continue for a little longer. Everything will calm down soon, as soon as you’re able to allow it.

Don't blame yourself for anything and take control of your life. If you can make decisions to improve the situation you're worried about, do so. On the contrary, if it doesn't depend on you, don’t let pain take over you and focus your mind on a better short-term future.


Relieve this week’s stress doing sports or exercise that makes you feel good. If you’re not into sports, go for a long walk. Breathing fresh air and getting away from crowds will help you reconnect with your inner peace.

If you need to rest, don’t ignore the signs of your body. It’s not time to ask yourself for more than you can give. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you and do things that make you feel better.

Your physical and emotional health will soon improve, just give yourself time and do your part. Look for a method that helps you let go of stress when it builds up so you don't reach the limit of your strength. Doing things that inspire you will help you find your inner balance.