Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This Saturday you’ll shine your inner light brightly again. Today you’ll recover great sensations within yourself. Your greatness, elegance and sophistication, your balance, sensuality and kindness will come together again to give rise to a wonderful person.

You’ll also notice other advantages. You’ll give off a strong magnetism that will make others want to approach you. In love, a close person will awaken feelings of tenderness in you, which you may confuse with love and passion. Value the consequences of getting emotionally involved.

Today you’ll get a very special surprise when it comes to love and friendship, but you must be ready to receive it. Enjoy this magnificent day.

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Leisure time activities will offer you an opportunity to develop skills that you thought you didn’t have, or couldn’t put into practice on a regular basis. Discover a new dimension in yourself, explore new paths and enjoy your free time.

If you have to work, you’ll have a nice day and be able to relax in your working environment. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know your colleagues better and get closer to them. You have more things in common than you imagine, you just have to socialize more.

Libras who have to sit a test or an exam will have a very productive day. Your brain will be more active than ever and you’ll have a special capacity to absorb knowledge.


Today your physical health will improve noticeably. You’ll feel much more vital and eager to do things like trying new sports. It’s a perfect day for going back to doing regular exercise.

Today remember to stay hydrated and don’t take unnecessary risks. The stars foresee an ideal day to practice sport and return to the path of good habits. If you are thinking about starting a diet, today is the perfect day for it.

Your willpower will help you overcome any addiction. This weekend you’ll be blessed by the stars to leave behind the bad habits that you’ve been hooked on.