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An atmosphere of cordiality reigns between you. You are good friends rather than lovers, you enjoy each other's company and that is the way it should be all the time. Being in a couple is not an imposition but a refreshing breeze, in the middle of obligations and mundane reality...

If you don't live with your partner, don't rush to share a home. You think it is more convenient for the two of you to join your economies, but you know what? What you need is not comfort but achieving your own goals.

Convenience makes you lazy, prevents you from stepping out of the comfort zone because it works and because trying something different confuses the other person and that might be unpleasant. Both of you should enjoy your own individuality a little longer, what will work for you this time is taking it very slowly.

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After a lot of effort, you’ll be offered a job, which you won’t feel secure about. Partly, because you don’t think you deserve it.

This opportunity, on the contrary, will show that you are worthy but you won’t be happy till you’ve accepted that you have to be there to accomplish something that no one else can do for you.

Believe in your great capacity to do the job. Have you ever let them down? You may not know how everything works from the beginning but this is perfectly normal. Give yourself time and you’ll master the tricks of the trade before anyone else in the office.


If you’ve become a parent recently, the situation might be over the top for you and being on the brink of a nervous breakdown is no fun.

Perhaps as a result of your upbringing you think that you have to assume all the responsibility but it’s not like that. Your partner, whether or not being present, must also take responsibility.

Stop feeling guilty for taking a day-off for yourself, the people around you don’t judge you or think that you’re a bad parent, after all you’re a human being first and only then a parent and you have to attend to your needs.