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Fighting can be good, but as long as you know how to put an end to it. Do you gain anything by making the ball of anger and blame grow bigger and bigger?

You have to know how to stop that bitter conversation in time before it becomes destructive. Remember that despite the difficulties, you’re supposed to be a loving couple.

You’re “supposedly” a calm person, but when you become angry, you fly off the handle and go on an all-out rampage, blinded by the anger.

Open your eyes and have a debate instead of an all-out struggle. Negotiating can get your partner to have your needs in mind. Don't choose the path of intimidation and emotional blackmail, that's far below your majestic nature.

Single Libras, switch gears because you can’t live being angry. Today things will go wrong, but thanks to it you’ll get to know your aspects you didn’t know existed.

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If the day hasn’t been as good as you expected, if some setbacks and problems have crossed your projects, if you have caused fights with your colleagues ... Remind yourself that you have another opportunity, turn a new page that, if you want, will be easily more beautiful than it was yesterday.

Avoid excessive expenses, money tossed out of the window, overdrafts, credits... It‘s an endless spiral. Excessive dependency on money is alienation and a source of anxiety. By restricting your own needs, you free yourself. To live more humbly is to live free.


Vary your daily meals, if you’re bored you’re at risk of eating out of control everything you have deprived yourself of.

Also, renew your exercise routines because the body quickly gets used to the same movements. Especially, if you feel it’s hard for you to progress physically. Moreover, you’re bored to do the same thing.

Being creative means being creative in health, too, just like in other aspects of life. This will bring you satisfaction that will lead to happiness, Libra.