Libra Daily Horoscope for June 7

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It would be helpful to hear what your partner has to say, so you should encourage dialogue more often. Your closeness and openness will encourage your loved one to confess secrets he/she has never shared with you before.

Deep communication will make you much more passionate towards each other, and lead you to moments of tenderness and deep physical and emotional connection. You will discover and share new facets of sensuality with your partner.

Single Libras will meet someone through their circle of friends who will immediately attract their attention. The attraction will be mutual, so get ready for intense emotions. If you haven’t been in love for a while, your time has come.

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Libra, learn to appreciate what you have since not everyone is lucky enough to have monthly income to cover their basic needs. Moreover, you can even indulge in certain whims, such as traveling or investing in material things. Don’t get lost in materialism and always remember to thank the Universe for everything you have.

Regarding your work, today you’ll be involved in a conflict with your workmate. The argument will begin as a joke, but end up awakening your worst instincts, so pay close attention to the slightest sign of tension to avoid it.

On the other hand, you know how to handle your economic and work issues. Once you achieve your goal, you don't usually demand too much of yourself, which keeps you away from promotion. Renew your illusion and go for a better position in your profession.


Stop making excuses and plan your weekly menu, because your body needs a varied diet. Even if you eat out, avoid asking for the most delicious dish and opt for the healthiest one. You’ll see the results in the long run.

Be careful today because you may suffer an ankle sprain and other contractures due to a domestic accident. It won’t be anything serious, but it could keep you immobilized for a while.

To get rid of that rage that you have buried deep inside you, you should practice boxing. You’ll release your tensions and get in shape at the same time!