Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



People around you are lucky because you generate a certain emotional balance. You motivate them in a rational way, without suffocating them or causing pathological dependencies.

You have intuition, practicality and instinctive wisdom. This leads to an extraordinary harmony with your partner and everyone around you.

Your emotions don’t overflow you, which helps you keep calm. You’ll be of great help to a friend in need. Your support will mean the world to him/her. Don’t turn your back, Libra.

Being single is no inconvenience for you, since you are calm and happy with the life you have and the direction it’s taking. If someone has to come along your way, he/she will come at the right time.

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You’d like to work in a more structured, almost conservative environment and follow the rules to the letter. Unfortunately, you’ll find yourself in an unstable situation due to your workmates or company’s philosophy. 

You have to work on overcoming your prejudices. You are limiting and preventing yourself from seeing all the other opportunities.

If you decide to choose a creative profession, don't even think that at some point you’ll find economic stability. You’ve been taught this since you were a child. However, is it really necessary?

Do things you like, live life to the fullest, work hard. Otherwise, life won’t be worth living.


Get rid of negative energy. Let energy flow within you to restore harmony.

You can revitalize yourself in very simple ways: chat to someone you appreciate, take a walk at sunset, be grateful to life for letting you enjoy everything you have.

Your poor health, if any, may be caused by your lack of equilibrium. Giving too much importance to the intellect but neglecting all your musculature creates an imbalance and it may lead you to illnesses.