Libra Daily Horoscope |



The week will start with new love perspectives for Libras, especially for those who are in a stable relationship and have lately been absorbed in a negative monotony. A new impulse will renew your love life and bring back the stability and balance to your relationship.

However, when it comes to friendship, a betrayal will deeply hurt you and make you reconsider the true meaning of loyalty. Sometimes, as on this occasion, you have to mark limits and leave some people you love and appreciate aside.

It’s very painful, but it’s the price you have to pay in order to restore balance in your life. Time heals all wounds, and maybe in the near future you’ll be able to forgive that person and let him/her back into your life.

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Tensions within the chain of command in your workplace can have unpleasant consequences this Monday. The stars suggest that you get up in a good mood and start the day being positive. Moodiness and bad manners will end up ruining your day.

Libras who have to catch a plane or make a long journey today must be more forward-thinking than ever. There will be problems that you’ll be able to solve if you have enough time. If you have to drive a long distance, remember the importance of rest.

When it comes to money, this Monday you should go to the bank to take care of your accounts. Now that your income has increased, you must have everything under control.


These days will be very fertile and blessed by the stars; therefore, Libra women who want to get pregnant should pay special attention to it and have a lot of faith.  Willpower and strong wishes have an incredible force when it comes to achieving what you want. Your stable relationship and a new impulse will make this moment special for you and your partner and may change your lives forever. Intimate relationships will shine their own light.

For Libras in general it’s important to care about what you eat this Monday. Digestive problems may ruin your day.