Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’d love your partner to stop doing things that annoy you. You’ve told him/her that so many times! However, probably your partner is also fed up with some of your attitudes.

When facing such incompatibilities it’s not a good idea to panic. Patience is a virtue you have to work more on.  

Clarify the points that were skipped or misunderstood in the conversations with your partner, especially if you’re in a short-term relationship. The period of adaptation may take up to two years.

Meanwhile, take things easy and don’t expect your other half to be perfect. It’s a good idea to remember how you can improve yourself, Libra.

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The day will be abundant regarding your economy. The vibration of the planets will align with your energy to give you the gift of opportunity.

You’ll work well on your own today. Carry your ideas forward regardless of the circumstances. Your accurate intuition will take you further than you have ever wanted to go.

Share your wealth with those in need, now that you’re on a roll. Pay back the universe for your good karma.

Focus on your saving strategy. You don’t tend to waste money; however, it’s important to set some aside, not only for emergencies, but also for major expenses that you may encounter one of those days.


Rewarding relationships make you more satisfied with your life in general. How many gratifying relationships do you have in your life now?

Developing a close connection with your best friends is an effective antidote to the damaging effects of insecurity and exhaustion. It also reduces stress and makes you much happier.

Meet your friends as often as possible. It’ll improve not only your mood but also your health. Today is an excellent day to get out of the routine and organize a friends’ get-together.