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Starts are a bit confused about your situation, you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship and it can slip through your fingers.

It’s a rather painful and karmic relationship for both of you.

The key problem is that both of you block your feelings and pretend to live in a world isolated from the heart matters. Going in that direction will end up in failure, sooner or later.

You can end this battle without winners or losers if you stop fighting. Ignoring problems won’t solve them, sooner or later they’ll come up again. Focus all your senses on achieving this hard-to-get balance.

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In order to feel rich, Libra, every morning count things you already have that money can’t buy. Break your dependence on money and set yourself free. Your mind is looking for solutions instead of treating the loss of money as a personal attack on your lifestyle.

Money makes you happy when you have enough of it. Not more, not less. If you have less, you feel sorry for yourself and can’t think about anything else. And if you have more, you’re worried and afraid of losing it.

Rather than money, focus on your priorities and how to achieve your goals on a daily basis. This will help you live more serene, less stressed and in harmony with life. If you manage to fulfill yourself every day, you’ll feel rewarded.


If you continue thinking that money, comfort, luxury and appearance are the most important things, you might get depressed. Your soul is infected with a disease of modern civilization: to own for the sake of owning.

Useless efforts affect your will and ability to live knowing that your actions have a productive result in life. Be careful with what you decide to focus on.

Heartache can be a result of your everyday stress that you barely perceive. Achieving things on your own will make your lifestyle more peaceful, even if it’s a bit more humble and modest. It’s worth it, Libra.