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Today’s prediction for Libra promises surprises, such as secret admirers or clandestine adventures. Those born under your sign will have to consider if a casual fling is something they’re looking for right now.

If you're in a relationship, you may be tempted to endanger your relationship by letting yourself be carried away by an adventure that has little to do with your life. Think things through before getting involved in something that will only lead you to problems.

Single Libras will have an opportunity to experience passionate encounters that won’t last. If you know they’re temporary and you’re ok with that, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun, as long as it’s what you’re up to.

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When it comes to your economic situation, your horoscope predicts few changes today. You’ll have enough money to live comfortably, but someone close may ask you for a favor that will affect your finances.

On the other hand, regarding work, your diplomatic skills and your creativity will be the key to satisfactory performance today. Your efforts will be rewarded thanks to your ability to handle difficult situations.

In general, today the stars will test your ability to deal with problems. You have the necessary skills to face any challenge; don't chicken out and everything will be fine.


When it comes to health, Magic Horoscope predicts that stress may affect your physical health today. Make sure you rest enough; otherwise, it could turn into a more serious problem. Remember that stress affects your immune system, which makes you more prone to various illnesses.

Find a way to balance your emotions. Look for professional help or take up a sport that helps you channel the excess of mental energy that is causing you discomfort and emotional distress.

Finally, Libra, it’s essential you don’t forget to make time for yourself. Despite family and work obligations, you must find a moment to do things you need to regain your emotional balance.