Libra Daily Horoscope |



This Tuesday holds a wonderful surprise for you, Libra. An outstanding person will come into your life and become a source of wisdom and happiness for you. You’ll be able to take advantage of this revelation only if you receive this person with an open soul.

Such special people shine their light on your life that sometimes is dimmed in the hidden corners of your inner-self. Don’t confuse these tender feelings with love, Libra, at least not for now. Sometimes you have to give priority to other dimensions of your being.

Love relationships will take their own course, Libra. The stars are asking you to awaken other feelings within you. Friendship has to take over.

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Listening to others more will help you do things better. You have to give way to humility in order to learn from others, Libra, and if you do, you’ll feel more powerful and prepared to face new challenges. Otherwise, pride can lead to frustration.

At work, different opinions usually enrich our thoughts and help us achieve better results. If you insist on contradicting others and don’t open your mind a little more, you run the risk of getting stuck in your ideas, which are not always the right ones.

When it comes to finances, you’ll be tempted by the possibility of new investments. However, weigh up the risks of speculation before you consolidate your profits.  


Starting a new cycle regarding your health will allow you to give way to some potentialities that you have begun to explore and that can take you to another dimension. Spirituality, for example, is an area of great capacity for the development of Libras.

Today you can think of an activity that you’d like to do and that would help you relax and meditate. It’s time to open your mind and evolve as a human being. Alternative therapies can bring you lots of benefits, which you have to discover.