Libra Daily Horoscope
Libra Daily Horoscope |


Regarding emotions, the stars indicate that they’ll be very intense, both in the positive (love) and the negative (hate).

Express your feelings, don’t worry about others’ judgement or appreciation. But “explode” into a rage with the right person and at the right time… Something difficult to regulate though.

Stay away from those who usually annoy you and make you lose control, because today's explosion of feelings can lead to unpleasant consequences on a social level.

Don’t start any compromising conversations today. Wait until you feel more emotionally balanced, Libra.

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You’re about to find a way out for your situation at work, which at first won’t seem the right one.

You’ll set out on a journey towards the unknown, which will cause you some difficulties at first but bring good results in the end. You’ll have to be patient. Another advice that Libras should follow carefully is to think long term.

The change that awaits you at work may also refer to the headquarters moving to a place that won’t be that comfortable for you. Your work might be restructured or you’ll temporarily have to do someone else's work.

However, the stars suggest you being perseverant because your future salary increase depends on it.


You’ll enjoy good energy, great vitality, good mood and above all, an excellent physical condition. You won’t have any rare illness, at most, some minor ailments that you’ll be able to control easily.

Mild and temporary discomfort will disappear in a few hours. The problem in the hips has a solution, as soon as you start muscle-strengthening exercises in the gym. Otherwise, you shouldn’t worry about your health at all.