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Libra Forecast for Tuesday 7th August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
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You feel comfortable with the person that you've been seeing for a short while, but you fear that things are moving too quickly. They might propose taking big steps, like moving in together. Watch out!

Unfortunately, this person expects a lot more from you than what you can really offer to them. Before you really hurt each other, it's your duty to slam the brakes on this situation.

In the future, you'll meet someone that you really have an affinity for. Don't be afraid to let go, you'll just be opening yourself up to your true destiny, Libra.


After doing the same thing time and time again, you decided that it was enough. Leaving a job without having another one lined up, is very Libra. What a brave move!

The circumstances weren't very favorable for this. Everything seems to be against you, and yet...

You'll find your true calling thanks to your experimenting; you'll try new things. If you get asked to help out with a project, don't pass up the opportunity. Go for it!

You listened to your inner voice closely and soon you'll be compensated. Enjoy what's to come. This is the first step towards mindful decision making.


The cosmos indicate that you could catch some sort of illness via your partner, or a close friend. These energies don't mix very well with yours. You're likely to have strange dreams at night now.

It would be helpful to do an energetic cleanse at your home. Change the sheets, or purify your living environment by burning palo santo. This is ideal to balance Libra's energy. Also, take a bath in sea salt. 

You're probably thinking of a friend as you read this. That one that's always telling you their problems and ends up rubbing their angst off on you. Help them as much as you can, but try to space out your meetings.

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