Magic horoscope yearly 2019 | Magic Horoscope



You tend to distrust people and this will lead to some conflicts, especially in the first part of the year. You‘ve already got too much experience to ignore the signs.

However, you‘ll manage to get over your mistrust and this will have a very positive effect on your relationship.

You must express your individuality more and let your significant other do the same. Don’t let your insecurity come to light. If you control the worst in you, you’ll discover magic and great things that your partner has to offer.

If you’re single, new romances are on their way. They may not last but this way you’ll manage to turn the page on your ex and stop lingering over that toxic bond. You’ll discover in 2019 that the obsession isn’t worth it; if you don’t love yourself, nobody will.  

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You’ll be accompanied by strong energy that will be linked to the spirit of a new beginning, the desire for your ideas to grow and prosper, a new way of life or a change in your career.

Listen and trust your inner self, don’t rely on the advice of others. You surely can take certain advice, Libra, but don’t get off your path to obey others.  

Your mental strength will lead you throughout the year and bring you deep understanding of things. Your superior awareness will show you a shortcut to your aspirations and humbleness.

This year you’ll have more economic freedom. Pay attention to excellent opportunities coming from all sides.  


Your health for the coming year will be protected by Mercury. Your initiative and good communication skills will help you stay in a good mood.

In case you’ve been ill for some time, you have all it takes to be cured. Total renewal of your health is within your possibilities.

You’ll be very active and find it hard to feel tired. It’s something unusual in you to be so calm and not go out too much. This year will be full of action.