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Full Horoscope for Libra for This Coming Thursday 2nd August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Thursday
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You'll know how to give everyone exactly what they deserve. As much as they complain that you're not very loving, ask yourself what others have done to keep you from feeling caring.

The thing is, people prefer to blame others, before analyzing their own behavior. If you have to let relationships go because someone is being irrational, don't think twice about doing so.

Over the course of the next few days, you'll let your masculine side blossom. If you're a woman, this means that you'll feel more confident with every step you take, and you'll want to take the initiative in your relationships.


Don't get overwhelmed with everything that you have to do. Instead, do small tasks, not hurridly, but without stopping. As trivial as this may seem, it makes a difference.

In economic matters, it would be best if you set pleasure aside. Especially if you expect to pull strings for your partner or a close friend. This won't go well since this person's competence for the position is very questionable.

Also, if you avoid this, you'll keep rumors from spreading about your professional ethics. Your company will recognize you as long as you avoid promoting anyone in the eyes of your superiors.



Why have you been feeling so blue? You put up a front and others think you're fine, but deep down you know that this is far from the truth...

A loss that people think that you've overcome, is still hurting you. Allow yourself to experience these feelings, otherwise, it will take you 1,000 years to overcome this. No one can decide how you should feel on the inside, but you can try to free yourself from this pain when you feel that the time is right.

If you notice that this drags out for too long and is keeping you from leading a normal life, the cosmos suggest that you seek professional help.

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