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Libra Magic Horoscope for This Coming Thursday, February 15th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Thursday
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It’s hard to realize that you may have certain behaviors that are slowly ruining your relationship. For example, you might usually keep an eye on what your partner shares on social media, or casually stop by the places where they say they’ll be…

Since you used to always make sure that your life was harmonious, suddenly discovering what you’re capable of is overwhelming you and you’re starting to feel a bit gloomy.

Why don’t you trust your partner? The answer lies in being upfront with people, instead of spying on them and trying to control them.

The same old communication problems that you can’t seem to straighten out, have returned once again…

Other Libras will be asking impatiently why they’re still single. If this is your case, the moon will put a difficult person on your path. However, this will prove to be a vital learning experience for you.


You find yourself in a complicated dilemma. We all know how much you despise making decisions and closing doors.

A job offer will appear on your horizon. The conditions of the new job will be slightly worse than your current one, however, it would be a change of environment and you like the idea of seeing some new faces.

Would you sacrifice your comfort for a little bit of adventure? It’s easy, go for the alternative that makes you happy just thinking about it. The financial side will get better over time.

Also, unknown environments allow you to escape your usual ways and connect more closely with the qualities that you possess which go beyond the limits of the known and the familiar. You’ll improve yourself greatly through this experience.


You’re starting to shop more consciously at the grocery store. You’re especially aware of products such as palm oil, and GMOs… All potentially harmful foods. These can adversely affect both your body and the environment.

It’s better if you buy organic products, like coconut oil or chia. Even though they’re a bit more expensive, these products are committed to sustainability and are guaranteed to be healthy.

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