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Full Libra Magic Horoscope for Friday, 2 March

Full Forecast for Today, Friday
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You’re the type of person that retaliates against their partner when they make a mistake by running directly to your lover’s bed. The cosmos advise you to stop this behavior immediately.

It’s childish to make a person pay for their mistakes time and time again. Also, punishing them with an action that puts your own body at risk is irresponsible.

You are perpetuating this lack of balance, and beyond just this, you’re now also at fault. In the future, you could pay for these actions.

Forgiving without forgetting is worthless. And, if you’re not willing to forgive, then it might be time to bring this relationship to an end.


Do you want to be successful? Then you should act like a successful person! Lately at work, you seem to be running into a lot of people that are incredible at what they do. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a conversation with these people. Be determined, and learn exactly how they do this.

You should pick one person to focus on, and study their view on life, without getting obsessed, of course. Also, successful people can help you to project this image in the future so that you can be just as prosperous.


You're approaching a moment of complications and inconveniences in the health realm. If the problem is chronic, and you can get through it without too many issues, you shouldn’t ignore the signs. In the future, ignoring these problems could lead to much bigger ones.

It’s never too late to get back on track with your healthy habits and to focus on the spaces where you tend to be. Libra, you can enjoy tranquility, as long as you’re true to these two principles; they’ll serve as your lighthouse in the eye of the storm.

Pay close attention to the specialists’ recommendations, and most of all, try to disconnect yourself from these routine problems a little.

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