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Full Horoscope for Libra for This Coming Friday 23rd February by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Friday
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You’re in luck, today will be wonderful. The relationships with your loved ones couldn’t be better, you feel loved, and in turn, you show your love for them.

The problem is, since it’s a Friday, one of you will want to go out with your friends.

Of course they still love you, don’t take this personally. And don’t worry, they won’t abandon you…

Not everyone can be with their partners at all hours of the day like you, Libra. You’re being too insecure.

Single Libras may meet their better halves today due to Venus’s beneficial influence.


Lucky in love… but unlucky at work. You’ll have a little fight with some new coworkers at the company. You’ll need to take a step back and come to an agreement. You’ll be able to calm the water…for the time being.

Butting heads is draining, and produces all sorts of unnecessary complications. You can’t cut off all communication either. Deciding not to cooperate with a coworker is ridiculous and you could end up getting fired. Maybe you’ll both even get fired, careful.

Due to Saturn’s restrictive influence, it’s better if you hold off asking small favors of people. Go to your friends when you’re in real need of a big favor, instead of making people dizzy with every silly little thing that comes to your head.


This week has been harder than usual, how could you possibly be so tired? As far as you know, you haven’t done anything outside of your normal daily activities.

Don’t get scared but, the cosmos point to a negative energy that’s influencing you. Someone’s bad intentions towards you could be affecting your aura.

Try to cleanse the energy with rosemary. It’s easy, let the rosemary steep and then you pour it over your body after cleansing your skin with soap and water.

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