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Libra Magic Horoscope for 26th February

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A friend that you help through tough times will need you to be there for them, again. Naturally, you tend to put your world on pause to help anyone in need.

You have to ask yourself if you’re really doing this friend a favor, by not letting them solve their problems using their own tools. If you keep helping them, they’ll always be dependent on you.

Do find some kind of satisfaction in this situation? Maybe you feel superior? Be honest with yourself, Libra.

Although they say they need you now, in the long-term, they’ll grow to resent you. You will have given them your all and in turn, they won’t even speak to you.

All relationships should be built on a base of equality. This is the cosmic axiom that the cosmos need you to comprehend in order to put this situation into perspective.


We live in a world that worships the extraordinary, always craving the newest and most fascinating things. Paradoxically, if you live a simple life and you focus your full attention on living in the moment, you stand out amongst the rest.

A modest attitude guarantees you’ll be successful. You’ll exceed those that are busy trying to gain a good reputation.

Be willing to stay behind the scenes, without others noticing you or what you do too much. This is the best thing for your personal development, which focuses on harmony.


If you don’t act in moderation, and you push yourself too much physically, mentally, or emotionally, you’re sure to be overwhelmed by complications.

Libra, you tend to hold the energy that you don’t release in your back. You’ll inevitably have pain in this region, and in your lower back as well.

One way to balance out your extremes is through physical exercise. Pilates is a form of exercise that combines muscle building with the emotional release that you need.

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