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Libra Forecast for Wednesday 28th February by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
Libra Daily Horoscope |


The month is coming to a close and inevitably you’ll reflect on your experiences. You’ve involved yourself as much as possible in your relationships, at least, most of the time… Maybe not so much in some. In fact, in a few cases, you’ve shown your partner and others some of your worst defects.

Much to your dismay, when it comes down to it, others have focused on your negative aspects in judging your overall character. Unfortunately, this is the current trend, to be on guard at all times.

The cosmos insist that you work on your capacity to “turn the other cheek.”

Throughout the day you’ll run into people that misinterpret your actions, but if you can forgive them, you’ll be sending a powerful message.


Prepare yourself to resume your daily task of completing ordinary things, in the best possible way. Perfection is impossible. This has been your experience, within your own possibilities, which will lead you to a revelation.

The secret to attaining the positive feelings that your routine has to offer is by always having enough time to carry out each action that you need to execute.

You need to focus more on the Eastern tradition in this aspect. Our society rushes things too much!

The cosmos advise you to understand that perfection exists in each moment, whether it seems incredible or irrelevant.


On the last day of this month, you’ll feel as if you’ve closed doors to old phases, which is a good thing.

You feel good about yourself and it’s good that you took the time to thank yourself.

You can fulfill your mental wellbeing by caring for your body. Today you could try using almond oil.

Feeling soft and happy in your own skin is the first step to being able to take things slowly without getting too overwhelmed.


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