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Libra Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 24th June

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If you’re just starting out a relationship, trust your instincts. Sometimes asking others what to do is the easiest way to make a mistake.

Everyone has their own seduction style, use yours. This is what attracted this special person that you want to win over for once and for all.

There’s no one better than you in these situations when it comes to figuring out what this person needs from you. Libras are great at this. What’s the secret? Meeting this person’s needs.

There are some couples that are more connected mentally and others emotionally… Find out what kind of person you have by your side and everything will go wonderfully. Your observation skills will give you all of the information that you need for your “diagnosis.”


Fighting to reach a goal is something that fills you with fear. You don’t think that you’re up to par. You would be terrified if you had to fight for your position at work.

There are other ways to get what you want, by using your left hand. What does this mean…?

Instead of a head on collision, to win disputes, get a raise or something similar; make use of your ability to negotiate.

Find out what it is that your boss or superior needs and put it on a silver platter for them. Find out what the other party wants and make a deal. The planets will be on your side no matter what you do, there’s no doubt.


Has there been any situation lately that you just have not been able to stand? These stomach problems are directly related to your emotions. Your body interprets all of this literally and doesn’t function normally.

Smile at life! You have no reason to? Yes you do and a very good one at that: your health! Smiling sends your body the message that everything is ok.

You have more power to change your mood than you think. Get used to sharing your feelings with the people around you, this relieves stress and this way, you’ll also be caring for the health of others, Libra.

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