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Libra Astral Horoscope for Wednesday 2nd May by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Wednesday
Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



At the beginning of your relationship, you felt like you couldn’t live without your loved one for a minute. You also used to declare your love for one another verbally quite often. You guys said ‘I love you’ all the time!

But later on, when you got angry, you started saying exactly the opposite, that you didn’t need them. When these feelings start to overflow, you’d rather go to your room and lock the door, Libra. How can you be so contradictory?

This behavior is human but very childish. You need to focus on trying to change this reaction into a mature response.

What does this mean? You have to learn not to let things get out of hand and to avoid doing things that you’ll regret later on.

Don’t try to resolve conflicts in the heat of the moment. When both of you have calmed down, try to talk things out and reach a solution then.


The time has come to step out from under the wing of the coworker that’s been mentoring you. Ok, you’re new at the company, but just think, you’re not moving forward.

Make proposals for improvement and dare to state your opinion, especially on matters that within your reach. It’s easy to see that you’re motivated in your position.

As far as money goes, unfortunately, your luck will be at a standstill. Avoid making bets, gambling, or any kind of monetary speculation.


No news in health, your energetic state is at normal levels. It seems like your body is working as it should be without any major issues. Throughout the day today, some small fluctuations will be inevitable, of course, but this is expected.

But don’t be overly confident…When was your last checkup? Maybe it’s time to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Some illnesses come without symptoms. We’re not saying that this is your case, but it’s always better to take preventative measures. A blood analysis will clear up any doubts.