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Read Your Libra Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Friday 27th July

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It's inevitable that love, as much as it's capable of lifting you up to great mountains of happiness, can also bring you sadness at times...

Today you'll suffer from extreme jealousy. You may see him or her get too close to someone attractive, and this will make your blood boil.

You have to know that they love you, it doesn't matter whether they're chatting with a runway model. Love is about much more than superficial things like these, sometimes people forget about that...

Stop creating problems where there aren't any because you're not very healthy or alert at the moment. You jump at anything, Libra.

Rethink your feelings, do you truly love this person or do you just want to own them? Jealousy isn't love, and with this, you show your internal insecurities. Nothing more.


After a discouraging period, you're starting to see the light. You're on the move looking for information, and very soon all of this will pay off and you'll get great results.

Meanwhile, stay optimistic on this trail that you've blazed for yourself. Making decisions will help you to get one step closer to happiness.

The cosmos encourage to continue down this path without hesitation. So, if you have to study or go back to school, now is the time for positive changes, not just financial ones, also in your life in general.


Obsessive thoughts or focusing too much on one subject taints you with negativity. Also, you're coming to the wrong conclusions.

This muddies your relationships with the people that you love the most. Avoid doing this, because these people will end up getting tired of you sooner or later. Stop for the good of your own mental health.

Go out for walks, eat a healthy diet, and go out and socialize every once in a while Libra. You have the tools that you need to get rid of these negative energies that follow you sometimes.