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Libra Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 23rd July

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
Libra Daily Horoscope |



How many times have you already forgiven this person? If you don't want to lose them, maybe you should consider the fact that this may be what they want, based on their behavior.

You've given them so many chances and you're still not satisfied with the results. They promise and promise but they never live up to all of this in the end.

They're probably more interested in your economic or social status than your love. No wonder they don't treat you the way they should!

The cosmos are going to be straight up with you: this person isn't going to change. Keep this in mind. You can't change them!

Next time, make sure that the person you choose to be with doesn't have unforgivable defects.


At some point, you have to start getting to the huge tasks that you've been putting off. You'll get through them, believe in yourself!

And why today? You're in a good position to take direct action, you've jumped into getting your hands on what you desire. This material desire will be quite powerful right now.

Stop making this task seem like such a big deal, if you don't, you'll start talking yourself down by saying you can't handle it and that it's impossible. You put all of your brain power into the wrong things.

If you start out by concentrating as much as possible from the start, you'll finish before you even realize it. You have the ability to decide your mindset; this is one of your biggest allies.


Libra, you're at risk for injuries and sprains. The accident will be quite dramatic and it will take you a long time to recover. Watch your step!

If you play a contact sport, avoid training today if you can. Or, if you can't get out of this commitment, take a deep breath before you make any impulsive movements.

Take your time exploring new ideas when it comes to the spiritual world. It would be best if you worked in a relaxed manner at home researching the commitments that you want to make, instead of going out with aggressive energy that will end up turning against you.