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Libra Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Sunday 1st April

Magic Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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Today will be a peaceful day in love for Libra. If you have free time today, why not make it a little exciting? Sometimes things quiet down to give you room to shine…

Be yourself and improvise. It will be the perfect day to realize all of those ideas that have gone through your head, and the things that you’d like to do with your partner!

Although you may not have a lot of time, you’ll feed your love with physical contact. Sometimes you don’t hug and touch each other as much as you’d like to. Especially since your partner doesn’t tend to take the initiative…

Enough of that! He or she will change thanks to your influence. Never skimp on physical contact, Libra. Through this channel you express and send lots of love.


There’s a financial situation that’s been worrying you for a while now. You’ll come up with a solution thanks to someone in your environment.

However, it’s true that if you’re expecting to receive a certain quantity of money, you won’t get it all. At least not yet.

You may win a case in court… Whatever your situation may be, you’ll receive some sort of financial benefit.

You won’t do well with gambling, so don’t push your luck. Avoid casinos at all costs today.


Today creativity will lead you to make little changes in your health regimen. Today you’re full of energy. Give yourself free rein when it comes to your experiments…

You might pay more attention to your hair and skin than you usually do. Try using coconut, rosehip, or some other exotic essential oil on yourself.

Have you always wanted to try imported products like nori seaweed or quinoa? Go for it! You’ll be inspired to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal from items such as these.

You’d also be benefitted by the study of ancient eastern philosophies. Zen is closely aligned with Libra’s nature. This could prove to be of great value to you.

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