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Libra Magic Horoscope for This Coming Sunday, May 6th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Sunday
Libra Daily Horoscope |



You’re very sensitive and you have a rich inner world. It’s because of this that you tend to play a fundamental role in the lives on your loved ones.

Today they’ll need you; specifically, a family member that you may not necessarily be too close to. It’s not about money or material support. You’ll have to be there for them emotionally.

They could have gone to another family member, but their intuition told them that you were the right person to confide in. The cosmos will put your inner balance and tranquility to the test.

You’ll do everything that’s in their hands for them. If the situation still gets out of hand, you’ll be of great help by going with this person to the psychologist. This type of professional will know how to handle the situation.


Luck will be on your side in financial matters, Libra. In one way or another, you’re on the path that will lead you to earn a great deal of money, although you should still further develop your knowledge.

However, nothing will happen if you sit there with your arms crossed; you have to show that you have initiative. Maybe you go from being too insistent to overly passive, or lazy, the next day.

Let your hair down, don’t overthink things too much, and when in doubt, always take action! This way destiny will always be on your side.

In the job search, you’re likely to find a job and it will probably be in another city. It will be a job that’s out of your comfort zone.


In the health sphere, you’re trying to keep your cool, but you can’t help feeling afraid in this situation. Maybe they just discovered that you have an illness, or you’re starting to feel strange.

Stay calm, you don’t have to take charge of anything; leave this to the doctors. All signs point to this problem being more mental than physical.

Sometimes it’s difficult for you to overcome certain parts of your life, to leave certain situations behind, and because of this, you tend to overthink things.

Just relax, if the doctors don’t find anything, think about seeing a mental health professional.

You can see a psychologist to take preventative measures, just like a doctor, Libra. You don’t have to go just because you’re “crazy.”