Full Libra Magic Horoscope Forecast for Thursday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 26th April
Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The day’s off to a strong start, you’ll feel an incredible magnetic attraction; the kind that can even throw off your objectivity. He or she will drive you crazy, Libra. You don’t know why, and your friends don’t get it either… They’re so normal! It’s a mystery…

You’ll have to approach this person with caution. They’re completely aware of their effect on you! There’s chemistry on their side as well, but they’re better at hiding it than you are.

You’ll enjoy the classic games of seduction – I’ll pay attention to you now and later I’ll ignore you…. Or even better yet: you’ll be waiting to see who makes the first move, but neither of you two will want to be the first!

On the bright side, a great friendship could unfold and you two could become very close. The kind of friendship where there are few secrets or hidden façades.


A new opportunity will unfold right before your very eyes. Do you want to travel? Of course, but it will be hard for you to decide to put money aside for this.

What will you do? This offer will be in another city or country. In any case, it will involve a change of scenery.

Also, maybe you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and you don’t want to abandon your partner. But hey, are you really going to let this keep you from living your life?

You tend to care too much about others’ opinions, and then what? You end up feeling guilty, and your self-esteem hits rock bottom.

It’s hard for you to leave behind ties with people but do some reflection. Look hard for alternatives. Talk to this person about the possibility of them coming with you.

You’re a very devoted lover, Libra. Because of this, it’s highly likely that they’ll follow you to the edge of the earth if they have to… Whatever it may be, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity.


Taking care of your body requires your full attention. A good way to get closer to your healthiest state is by keeping an eye on how you’re treating your brain.

One way to keep it forever young is by staying active. Read, get involved in your hobbies, and try to remember information, instead of running to the internet for all of your questions.

Your eating habits are also fundamental. Consume omega 3 fatty acids that are found in foods such as avocado and fish. This nutrient helps your brain to improve its function, by allowing the neurons to communicate more effectively with one another.

And finally, don’t forget to get physical exercise and rest. Both of these things help the brain to repair itself and to effectively face the day ahead.