Full Horoscope for Libra for This Coming Tuesday 24th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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You’re a cardinal sign, the changes flow with you, even if in love you’re as true and stable as a mountain. This is a balance that only you know how to maintain, by judging wisely when to innovate and when to stick to the traditional route.

Today you’ll be required to do something new. You could let yourself be inspired by other couples and what they’ve done together in order to change their lives.

The internet is a vast network full of knowledge, just waiting to be discovered and used in your daily life. And who knows, maybe you could even be inspired to try new sex positions…

The cosmos suggest that single Libras ask someone out on a date that may not seem like their type at first glance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


You need to rework your finances. You can’t keep up this incredible pace. Pay close attention to uncover what it is that’s causing this instability…

You used to control everything in order to maintain perfection, what’s going on now? Spending more in order to please others, may be what’s causing you to go through this rough patch economically.

People will keep on loving you whether you spend money on them or not. You’re kind hearted and generous, but save a little for yourself, because all of this generosity is useless if you regret it later on, and this is exactly what’s happening to you.


Some disturbances in your health will destabilize you on an emotional level. It’s not as much the illness as it is your way of experiencing it.

Calm down, Libra! You’re too sensitive, you love life too much and you’re terrified of it all ending like this. But, this is not the case; you’ve got to put up a fight, calmly and with a plan.

The support from those around you will be key. This may be a serious illness or a milder one that you’ll have a hard time getting over. In either case you’ll be overwhelmed but being close to those you care about will calm you down.