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Full Libra Magic Horoscope Forecast for Saturday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 4th August
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In spite of being very in love, your rigid vision could be complicating things. Open yourself up to what this person has to offer. This isn't about giving and giving all of the time. Love is a reciprocal exchange, Libra.

If you're asking yourself how this person feels about you, the cosmos indicate a strong attraction, although there's a certain fear of opening up and showing those feelings, probably due to past issues.

This configuration also indicates that you'll receive news that you'll see as bad. However, it will bring you happiness. Maybe your ex will go through a break-up...?



Your understanding of psychology will take you far. You may already be conscious of this ability, otherwise, today you'll come to the conclusion that this is another strength of yours.

You know how to analyze interpersonal situations like no other, and you may have even delved into blogging to express your thoughts on life and relationships.

Why don't you take things one step further to start making money through this? There are people around the world that do this every day. How come you can't? Write a book. Let yourself be swept away by the speed of your thoughts.


You'll overcome an adverse physical condition. You're learning how to manage your new physical situation, or you're getting over a complicated illness. In any case, you'll come out of this experience stronger than ever, Libra.

You'll be able to muster up enough energy to overcome any situation that presents itself. Life continues, even if it's not how you expected. This makes you an even bigger person.

Celebrate today by having a deep conversation with a friend. Let them see this radiant energy that you're overflowing with. Contact with others will bring relief to your soul.

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