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Libra Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Sunday 12th August

Full Prediction for Today, Sunday
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Mars doesn't bring good news although luckily it won't be too terrible. Today you two will be likely to get into fights, but they'll be fleeting, and these could cast a cloud over your love. However, the sun will keep shining down from the sky on your relationship.

Just think that if you still have confrontations, it's because you still really care about one another. Otherwise, you would just give up and say that the other person is right so that they'd be quiet. This wouldn't solve any problems!

The planetary alignment also points to a temporary distance between the two of you. Whether this is due to a business trip, or studies, you can be sure that when you're reunited it will be hot, Libra.


You think that sometimes your coworkers get annoying. Through some sort of communication network used at the workplace, you're probably receiving an overload of messages. You simply don't feel like hearing all of this on your day off.

You'll have to make an effort because it could be news that may affect you directly. Ignoring this could make you look bad in front of your coworkers and superiors, Libra.

If you do your part and decide to be polite, someone at work may be able to pull some strings in order to get you some tangible benefits. That raise may be closer than you thought...!


Your restlessness can actually be solved fairly easily! Disconnect from it all and enjoy your free time that you truly deserve.

Instead of spending hours and hours contemplating a screen, why don't you get some exercise or get together with a friend? You need this more than you realize. Don't turn down any offers to get out and have fun.

Equilibrium is the key to everything in life. You should know this since you're the zodiac sign that's represented by a scale! After a week of hard work, the time has come to reap the fruit of your efforts and enjoy life.

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