Libra Forecast for Sunday 29th April by Magic Horoscope

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This goes for the single Libras out there: it’s time to bring out your moves! You’ll be overcome by a positive influence and this will make others see you in a whole new light.

Yes, it’s the right time for you to find love. Maybe you already have your eye on someone. Try to get close to them, you’ve been playing flirting games for a while now, but now the ball is in your court.

You’ll have a way with words today. So, write them daring messages, try to stir up the emotions in your victim of choice.

But, don’t get obsessed. Remember that your inner scale should always be balanced.

Share your happiness, Libra, and avoid committing yourself too much if possible; at least until this playful phase is over.


You’re going through a phase in your life where you’re truly comfortable. Whether this is because you finally have a job that pays you what you deserve, or because your partner or family have helped you out economically.

Even so, the cosmos suggest that you don’t get thrown off by this; what’s certain today, could become unclear tomorrow.

You should start defending what’s yours. There are many envious people around you and they’re just waiting for you to make a false move to take over your position. And not only at work; there’s a woman that will try to steal your partner away from you for her own economic benefit.

This is a great time to go all out looking for work, Libra. The cosmos reveal that coincidences and opportunities to improve your financial situation will come on their own.

You might get an offer to take the position of someone that has been with the company for a long time now; this only happens once in a blue moon.


You’ll make the necessary changes to achieve the state of health that you desire, bravo!

You’re going to have to take things slowly. You’ll incorporate these changes little by little, if you do this any other way, you’ll get overwhelmed, and you’ll give up on your goal.

Less is more, will be the mantra that you’ll apply to your health goals, Libra. Avoid going overboard, especially when you’re with others. Sometimes you forget about your goals.