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Full Libra Magic Horoscope Forecast for Wednesday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 16th May
Libra Daily Horoscope |



Three possible scenarios will appear for Libras: the planetary influences indicate that secrets will revolve around your love life…

The first situation is that you’re in a secret relationship, in which case, the cosmos recommend that you stop hiding as soon as possible. No one can be happy in the shadows. Set your fear aside, make this public.

Or you may not be letting your true emotions flourish. You do this because you’re afraid that they’ll hurt you. You feel vulnerable. Work on developing your strength, Libra.

It’s also likely that someone is interested in you on a deep level, but they’ve kept it a secret. They don’t dare reveal this. They’re afraid that you’ll turn them down…try to soften your answer when this happens…

In the first two cases, try to do what’s in your hands to bring the truth to light. Life is too short to live just to make others happy. The truth is what frees you, Libra.


Be careful with gossip in the workplace. Usually the last one that finds out is the one that’s most affected by these things, Libra…Could it be you?

You have the feeling that they’re hiding certain information from you. You’ve noticed strange behavior, like when you walk up to a group of people that’s formed and suddenly they become completely silent…

Is this a matter of driving yourself crazy over imaginary gossip? Absolutely not. If you have obvious proof that something isn’t right, ask. Stand up to them. Tell someone that you trust at the company what you’re feeling.

It could just be your imagination… Hopefully this is the case, but the cosmos indicate that there’s a secret going around about you. Whatever it is, it’s best if you deal with this situation as soon as possible. Decide to find out the truth.


If every time you have to face a tough situation you run to the medicine cabinet, as a way of relieving your anxiety, you’ll never know what thought may come to you. Anxiety doesn’t just appear magically, Libra…

Also, you’ll become less and less tolerant to these negative feelings, which will mean that every time you feel anxious, you’ll need another anti-anxiety pill.

If you see that this situation gets out of hand, seek out the help of a therapist.