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Libra Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 16th March

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“I stand for the truth, beauty, and kindness” will be your mantra for today! The philosopher Plato said this back in his time, and his legacy continues to live through Libra.

You drive the truth in your environment when you show what you feel for others, especially those whom you truly care for. It’s a great day to tell the people that you love, what a truly important role they play in your life.

You’ll achieve beauty and harmony in your relationships through acts that contribute to the happiness of others… Everything that favors life is beautiful.

When people tell you about their problems, defects, and weaknesses, and you don’t take advantage of this information, this is true kindness. Kindness protects others, sometimes even from themselves.

You hold these three gifts within you, and you’ll put them to use in harmony with your inner self; Venus is resonating with your sign more than ever. Your task is to spread happiness.


Thinking too much about the past, or on the contrary, focusing excessively on future dreams is one surefire way to escape from the present.

Now is the time to remind yourself that the only real journey is here and now. Keep your feet on the ground. Unforeseen opportunities will present themselves.

You’ll be presented with the option to start out in a profession previously unknown to you. When others hear about it, their jaws will drop.


The apathy in your routines may indicate a lack of self-love. You may hope for harmony and beauty, but quite frankly, sometimes you set out to achieve just the opposite.

The best way to cultivate self-love is through specific actions. Washing your face before bed, giving your body the food and water that it needs… These are basic gestures that need to be done correctly.

As far as eating goes, be sure to pay attention to how much you chew. Doing this can help you to consume the proper amount of food because chewing slowly helps your stomach to realize that it’s full.

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