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Libra Astral Horoscope for Friday 23rd March by Magic Horoscope

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Your emotional state is stable, but the suitors that court you online don’t seem to be. You want them to leave you alone, you’re sick of their games now.

They’re harassing you! They’re confusing your kindness and way of being with wanting something more. If you get serious with them, that should do the trick. You don’t need to get overwhelmed with the situation.

You should spend more quality time with the people that care about you, instead of wasting your energy on relationships that end up tormenting you later on.

Don’t start something that you don’t plan on finishing. The time has come to get your reckless flirting under control, Libra.


Now you’re in a dominant position, and this means that you’re very likely to be successful and even victorious in the battle you’re currently fighting.

Your determination and self-confidence will triumph, even if you don’t realize that you have these traits yet. You should hold these values close to your heart because they hold the key to overcoming all challenges.

It’s important to have a clear sense of purpose and an endless supply of determination. After this fight, you’ll celebrate your victory, there’s no room for doubt. Let this motivate you to move forward confidently instead of taking a break.

You shouldn’t run away or complain about the fight because your self-esteem will come out winning this one.


You’re determined to lose the extra weight, but you are faced with a lack of motivation time and time again. Every time someone offers you some sweets you decide that sweating and losing weight isn’t the only important thing in life.

That attitude would be just fine if it wasn’t for the fact that later you always end up feeling incredibly guilty, for disrespecting your body and caving into your cravings.

If you find that it’s hard for you to stick with this ultra-fit lifestyle, you should find a body that motivates you. Start following a healthy person out there that inspires you and check out their advice and routines.

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