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Libra Forecast for Friday 8th June by Magic Horoscope

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Today you’ll realize, that the relationship with one of your best friends or a close family member, is turning into a toxic one… How could they possibly not realize this? With all of the good advice that they always give you!

Everyone needs to find their own way to overcome obstacles. However, you should avoid judging them too harshly. You don’t like to get treated like a helpless child either, do you?

If you really want to help, show them that you’re available and willing to listen to their problems. Support them and give them advice only when they ask for it. They’ll appreciate this mature attitude that many are unfortunately unaware of.

Love works in mysterious ways. We’ll always be attracted to those that are sure to cause us trouble… But no matter what, stay in touch with this person, they’re going to need you.


You’re working in a position with a high probability for promotion, although right now you’re feeling annoyed with your coworkers. You’re the newest employee, and you already want a promotion! Don’t get ahead of yourself.

You have to build a house starting with the foundation. It will only be worth it if you put in hard work. All of this is a challenge for a cardinal sign like yours. The thing is that you like to constantly change directions like a weathervane.

You’ll have to be persistent in this job. Don’t listen to those around you. They don’t see what you do. They think that this job is mediocre. You don’t need them to believe you, as long as you believe in yourself, Libra. Start believing in whatever you choose to.


A day of introspection will lead you to the conclusion that taking care of your emotions means caring for your health. Don’t let toxic thoughts make your existence bitter.

Sometimes these are hard to control. They’re painful and often come out of nowhere. Happiness is a habit that you must constantly work on.

Try to expose yourself to positive stimuli. Don’t watch the news so much, the negativity gets burned into your mind unconsciously…

You’re watering the flowers of self-consciousness when you allow yourself to experience what you’re feeling, without trying to change it. Just as it comes, let it go, Libra.

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